Where ancient knowledge meets with traditional natural, common sense healing therapies, we offer recently “discovered” by science – optimal wellness – naturally!

St8neWalker Stone Massage and Wellness moves beyond holistic medicine to align with the wisdoms now readily available online with the information age.

Health is the natural state of being human.
“Life is to be Lived, not a problem to be solved.” Gladys Taylor McGary, MD, 103 year old Mother of Holistic Medicine and Author of “Living Medicine – Beyond Holistic Medicine”

Stress Release is Natures’ Healing Gift

Experience the Indigenous Healing Energy of Mother Earth with Geo-Thermal Therapy massage, stone energy work, and powerful, natural, sublime and now scientifically “discovered” effective, indigenous ways reported by our clients to:

  • manage chronic pain
  • release harmful toxins
  • help maintain wellness through stress relief
  • markedly enhance ones’ sense of Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace

Non-invasive, Geo-thermal Therapies include Warm and Cool, Gem and Mineral Stone Massage, Lithotherapy, Custom Blended organic plant essence Aromatherapy, Myo-Fascial release Therapy, Trigger-Point Cupping, Ear Candling, and Magnetic resonance and Light therapies you can experience here as well as many natural remedies that you can take home with you.

Bunny Sings Wolf, L.M.T., is a distributer of FDA registered, non-transdermal frequency reflective patches for cellular (stem cell) regeneration, and effective treatment for chronic inflammation, and pain. These are offered with best use practices obtained by research and many proven testimonies from those who have experienced marvelous healing benefits. She is also a fellow life traveler with personally experienced healing and a life-time of mentorship and research within the many gifts of holistic traditional medicine which now have blessed the information age with it’s kinesiologistic approach to find the cause and target the clinically important immune mediators that have been shown by clients to quickly restore health and walk the wellness path to best maintain a healthy life style.

In our electronic world you now no longer need to make a “doctor’s visit” for help. Diagnosis can be made with blood, urine, hair samples mailed and evaluated long distance. Many of our clients have lived long and well past the “official prognosis” by giving their natural miraculous bodies a clear path to restore its’ own healing capacity with the proper immune support.

Cleanse Away the Poisons

We offer several powerful de-tox solutions to free your body from it’s accumulation of toxic poisons, which may also be a hidden contributing factor to inflammation, cancerous growths, and many of our “modern diseases” when combined with toxic stressful thoughts and emotions.

Call us to schedule a sublime stone massage, or to discuss all the personalized “beyond wholistic medicine” treatment options now easily available that you may choose from to

  • discover where your body holds dis-ease
  • explore treatment options we offer to significantly reduce inflammation and pain
  • naturally remove the causative toxins, and
  • adequately stimulate and support your own body

to do what it does best – heal itself and regain the needed strength and vigor to recover and return naturally to good health.

To secure your appointment time, a Reservation Deposit of $65.00 is required

If you miss your appointment without letting us know in ample time to re-schedule, we miss opportunity to help others who are potentially waiting for your scheduled time slot. This amount will be deducted from the cost of your therapy and is fully refundable if you cancel 48 hours before your pre-scheduled appointment. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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Geo-Thermal Therapy
Warm and Cool, Gem and Mineral Stones
Massage with LifeWave

This uniquely calming therapy incorporates original, traditional, authentically mentored Lakota-Dakota “stone medicine” a natural Myo-fascial release massage therapy practiced for centuries by indigenous cultures, now “re-discovered” by modern science for its healing and pain relief properties!. Clients call this “the BEST massage EVER!”

Warm and Cool, Gem and Mineral Stone Massage, includes
Natural Myo-fascial release therapy employed with warm and cool stones.
• Aromatherapy – Custom Blended Plant Essential Oil with Organic Jojoba oil
• Lithotherapy – Selected supportive gems for your gemstones layout
3 LifeWave patches, light reflective therapies to explore for yourself for optimal ongoing health. Phototherapy harnesses the healing power of light by reflecting infrared light from your body. Phototherapy has been used worldwide for nearly a century to treat pain, inflammation, skin conditions and so much more! Experience how it works, and order more at https://lifewave.com/IndigenousHealing

$183.00  80 to 120 minutes (depending upon your specific needs)



Aromatherapy completes, deepens, and prolongs the gentle power of your stone massage.

Extend nature’s healing bounty with custom-designed plant essential oils gathered and selected just for you and artfully combined in just the right blend with organic Jojoba oil. The natural gifts of their lovely scents and the loving touch of Mother Earth’s beautiful life-sustaining plant “medicines” will linger on your skin as they are applied to enhance and powerfully support your body’s natural healing processes awakened with your stone massage. They prolong the effects of your massage by gently penetrating to hydrate, and infuse you with a lingering relaxation that can carry you home for a restful nights sleep. Don’t forget to ask Bunny for your specific blend to take home a bottle to enjoy later!

$34  (included with your stone Massage)

DELUXE Geo-Thermal Therapy Massage

Includes all of the above with 7 LifeWave X39, Aeon or Glutathione patches chosen for your specific needs. Take home for a potential week’s worth of pain/inflammation relief from St8neWalker Stone Massage and Wellness Therapies. When you see the results you may visit https://lifewave.com/IndigenousHealing for re-orders of LifeWave patches and for additional information.

$196  80 to 120 minutes (depending upon your specific needs)

Basic Geo-Thermal Therapy with Aromatherapy

$167  90 minutes

couples massage

Couples Massage

Enjoy your stone massage peacefully side-by-side together with custom-blended Aromatherapy included.

$287  Approximately 2 1/2 hours

stone chair massage
7 STONES Massage Rewards Package

Save money while you improve your wellness with regular preventative care! Our way of thanking you for your continued business! Warm and Cool, Gem and Mineral Stone Massage at it’s best!

7 Geo-Thermal Therapies for the price of 6
PLUS 3 custom blended Aromatherapies included for FREE!
A Savings of $212.00 over a 12 month period!!!

How it works
• Pay in advance, then schedule 7 massages with custom blended Aromatherapy (3 included for FREE) at your convenience.
• Use all 7 visits within a year (12 months from date of purchase)
• No refunds if all are not used within a 12 month period.
Pay $964.00 now and save $212.00!

Your health will shine as you regularly experience the ultimate stone massage AND the nurturing, healing benefits of essential oils custom blended for you on a regular basis.


Chair Stone Therapy

A shorter version of Geo-Thermal Therapy – in a chair

Here is the most convenient, easy, relaxing massage while reclining in a chair! Focusing on upper shoulders, hands, feet, lower legs this is perfect for an energy pick-me-up, maintenance massage, the elderly, those on a time schedule or folks who prefer no disrobing.

stone chair massage
Add Earthing (electromagnetic grounding) Therapy to your St8neWalker Visit!
Enjoy the added benefits of Earthing energies to further enhance your natural healing potential. Silver threaded earthing sheet is the perfect solution for a natural magnetic charge from Mother Earth, reported to help “cure” many stress related ailments and inflammation while giving you the grounding you need to release stress. The sheet can be placed on your massage table for your earthing (electromagnetic grounding) therapy while you enjoy your stone massage.

You may also choose to relax on our outdoor covered porch day bed on the earthing sheet while you wait for your massage therapy appointment or to enjoy after your massage session.


Learn the science behind this phenomenal “discovery” that our ancestors enjoyed for eons of time to maintain their optimal health. “The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding” on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ddtR0XDVU

trigger point cupping therapy

Trigger Point Cupping Therapy

Powerfully Effective alone or may also be requested to be included with other therapies for an added $60.00.

Employed by present day Olympic Athletes for pain relief, stamina, detox, this is an ancient art dating back to the earliest medical practices of China, Egypt, the Americas. Detox may leave some skin markings several days after treatment.

$80  80 minutes

traditional ear candling

Traditional Ear Candling

Ancient Rite of Earwax removal.

A global practice many claim facilitates improved hearing, deep relaxation and balance.

Two wax candles for each ear per treatment.

$60  60 minutes

rain bath aromatherapy massage

Rain “Bath” Gem Aromatherapy Massage

Custom Blended Plant Essence Oils applied with Gems.

Seven layers of essential Aromatherapy oils applied with selected gemstones and minerals. Sublime.

$207  90 minutes


"What an unexpected delight Bunny is. Her massages are unlike any of the numerous massages I've had before. She is very intuitive and gives stone massages as her ancestors have done for years. If you only have one massage in your life she is the one to see."

Sharon P.