St8newalker Stone Massage

Our Spa is located in the heart of Bear Lodge Valley, just 9 miles from a most sacred and unique land feature composed of the highly energetic crystaline and sound-resonating gemstone Phonolite.

This extremely large gemstone feature was long thought by indigenous peoples to house a concentrated source of and resonance with life and health-nurturing energies. This is why in the stories and art of many tribes this feature was depicted to reflect the fear inspiring and aggressive healing traits of “bear medicine”, the bear totem.

Named “Devils’ Tower” by todays dominant culture, it was long understood by indigenous peoples to be a most sacred place where an awe inspiring and extremely powerful healing “medicine” resided and why from time immemorial “medicine” people from many tribes regularly met here in peace to absorb the resonance of the high concentrations of Phonolite and to conduct prayer services, today called “healing ceremonies.”

Our Professional Team

Bunny Sings Wolf


“Many years ago a 5 month, bi-weekly massage saved my life. Since then massage has been my passion. Over the years I have seen wellness blossom in my clients. I have been honored to help people from many age groups, occupations, and a variety of injurious life experiences, transition from a place of pain, discomfort and stress to a nurtured place of ease, comfort and wholeness – oftentimes after just one session!”

Mindful Touch, Breath, Energy

our Indigenous Healing Birthright.

As an indigenous healer and licensed massage body worker for over 20 years, I am thrilled, humbled, and honored to daily affect the awareness and mindfulness of my clients to help them more powerfully connect to and recognize the natural simple, harmonious healing ways available through mindful breath, touch and the energy of natural warm and cool stones.

As a child I began collecting my stones. Throughout my life in long walks along streams, in mountains, fields and seashores, one by one I added more stones to my stone family, never dreaming one day I would be told I was a natural born “stonewalker” eligible to be mentored in the old wisdom ways of 7 generations of Lakota, Dakota Medicine Stone Walkers. Smoothed over eons of time with wind, earth, and water, the basalt stones I have collected are warmed in water to rest on places where tangled fascia needs to unwind. The light-colored cool stones have been traditionally used in places of strain, sprain, swelling, and to remarkably assist in the detox process.

I also employ Aromatherapy using a variety of highly effective plant “medicine” essential oils which I custom blend with organic Jojoba oil for best absorption into the skin, allowing the calming, healing effects of the treatment to last long after the session is completed.

I do not charge by the hour, but by the treatment – so, for your scheduling purposes please be advised most treatments usually last 80 minutes or more and there is no charge for the traditional ceremonial aspects of this work.
With pleasure and confidence I greet each client with information on the latest scientific “discoveries” of fascia, how it moves and works to support our organs and to protect us, and how it dramatically connects and impacts wellness, pain relief and healing. I show them beautiful photos of fascia from past issues of Associated Bodywork Professional (ABMP) magazines I have collected as a member of that highly respected international massage association through the years. Today I can confidently share how ceremony and science are now joining to return humanity full circle to natural, monumental indigenous healing understandings now being accepted as scientifically sound.
Mind, body, energy and touch reconnect us to the ancient tree of life! My therapies combine the “old” ways of my ancestors with modern massage training and science which now explains the healing power of myo-fascial release massage practice that our “old” ceremonies intuitively employed stones for, for centuries. Mindful relationship with warmth and weight of stones was always understood to have the “magical” capacity to heal all manner of pain and maladies using indigenous connections with grounding now being “rediscovered” by “earthing” groups. Profound wellness through concentrated and intentional awakening to electromagnetic “energies” resonant within earth and Inyan Oyate (stone nation) is returning to be recognized with great potential to help humanity heal a heart, a nation, a world.
In addition to my massage practice, I am now passing on the wisdom ways learned in my years of practice of this healing modality. I am creating an app, IndigenousHealing.io, to mentor all healers who wish to join me on this fascinating humanity healing journey to bless all our relations all around the world.
Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota, we are all related).




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"What an unexpected delight Bunny is. Her massages are unlike any of the numerous massages I've had before. She is very intuitive and gives stone massages as her ancestors have done for years. If you only have one massage in your life she is the one to see."

Sharon P.