St8neWalker Stone Massage

Experience the Healing Energy of Mother Earth

Regular massage and stone energy work – a powerful yet sublime way to manage chronic pain, release toxins and help maintain wellness through stress relief, markedly enhancing ones’ sense of Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace. 

Mentored from 7 generations of Lakota-Sioux “stone medicine”, a powerful ancient Myofascial chronic pain release therapy, SD Licensed L.M.T., Bunny Sings Wolf, St8neWalker Stone Massage and Wellness Therapies, specializes in traditional warm/cool, gem/mineral stone massage, kinesiology prognosis to help you discern effective natural supplementation, nutriments, use of custom blended plant essential Aromatherapy, Earthing, Metal and Toxin Release Ionic Foot Bath Therapy, Tens pain treatments, Trigger point cupping, Ear Candling. LifeWave patch practitioner with years of wisdom, non-invasive take-home solutions. Discover for yourself how stem cell stimulation/production releases inflammation/pain and can re-set your powerful healing potential from nature for sublime wellness!

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About Us

St8newalker Stone Massage

Experience the Healing Energy of Mother Earth

Gemstones are not only beautiful but since antiquity they are believed to house subtle resonant healing energies. The study of the use of gems and minerals in medicine is known as Lithotherapy and although research is still being done to prove the effectiveness of the remedies that have been passed down through many generations of St8neWalkers, there are still hundreds of thousands of people from countries around the globe who attest to the natural healing powers attributed to the traditionally trained and respectful application of warm and cool mineral gemstones.

In Lakota, “MatoTipila” (translated “Bears Tipi” or more literally home or lodge of bear-like healing medicine) was more deeply understood as a foremost, sacred, holy gift from Creator, the residence or center location of perpetual, life-nurturing wellness – synonymous with the “Tree of Life!” What better place to explore the benefits of Lithotherapy combined with current massage therapy practice in order enjoy the natural resonances and the potential to experience the healing energy of Mother Earth!






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Our Professional Team

Specializing in gentle, non-invasive, Geo-Thermal Therapy for pain and stress relief (Stone “Medicine”) and for specific sports related soreness, injury or stress she also employs Myofascial Release Therapy, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Cupping Therapy, Traditional Ear Candling

Bunny Sings Wolf



"What an unexpected delight Bunny is. Her massages are unlike any of the numerous massages I've had before. She is very intuitive and gives stone massages as her ancestors have done for years. If you only have one massage in your life she is the one to see."

Sharon P.


into the calming ancient world of Inyan Oyate (Stone Nation) and melt away the stresses of today!


your natural life force energies!


your sense of wellness in Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace!