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What is Inyan Pejuta Winyan, Ceremony, and the Good Trade?

Your St8neWalker "walks" the stones for wellness,

Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace

In Lakota-Dakota-Nakota (Sioux) cultures, for many centuries past, those seeking the subtle but profound comfort and healing properties derived from Stone Nation came to select women who were carefully mentored, one-on-one as Stone Walkers into these traditional healing arts.  Intuitively and ceremonially they selected and employed stones smoothed by eons of polishing by water and wind, warmed by the sun, and stones cooled in the streams,  walking them to stiff, sore and aching muscles, restoring the body, mind and spirit of family and friends of every age and infirmity.

These women were respectfully called Inyan Oyate Pejuta Winyan (Stone Nation Medicine Woman or Stone Walkers) since they "walked" the stones to where they needed to be placed for optimum health and balance.

It was understood by traditional Stone Walkers that when an individual is out of balance physically, spiritually or emotionally they are not in harmony (not at ease but dis-eased) within the natural rhythms/energies of natural health, life, Mother Earth,
so a reconnection to harmony, balance, abundance, peace is imperative to restore well being, health.

When the practitioner of "Stone Medicine" offers the "Stone People" to the body employing "ceremony" they are recognizing this connection. The practitioner is not performing "magic" but rather working in harmony with and witnessing the marvelous life-nurturing work of Creator in returning one to a place of balance.

Simply rubbing the body with heated stones (as practiced in some spas by those trained only by a DVD course or four hour seminars taught by those not traditionally mentored) can not compare with the wholeness of well being that most enhance energetic self healing and balance through the modality employed by an authentic, traditional trained Stonewalker (Inyan Pejuta Winyan).  The invigorating and nurturing natural way as was practiced for centuries best allows the enhancing of healing energies inherent within each body bestowed by the gift of life. 

 Through extended training and skillful practice an authentic Stonewalker has gained an intuitive understanding and relationship with gem and mineral Stone Nation in order to best choose and apply the most beneficial stones, and thus "walk" them to where they can bring the most good as they bring in a balance that coaxes "negativity" i.e. - stress and pain - from the body.

By understanding the sacred connection between the Stone Tribe and the human body an authentically mentored Inyan Pejuta Winyan with modern massage training and licensure can effectively assist the client with a deeply profound Geo-Thermal Therapy experience that rivals all other massage modalities.

Example of Stone Layouts displaying the stones used, unique to each treatment



The "good trade" is still appropriately practiced today. 

If  ceremony along with massage is offered in a persons' home or in a spa, business office, resort or treatment center, a set fee is appropriately asked based on real expenses in order to provide the space, utilities, upkeep and operating expenses incurred in the of gathering herbs or purchasing fine quality essential oils etc. necessary by modern standards for making this modality available in comfortable and professional facilities. 

However, stone ceremony from a Stone Walker is a gift freely offered along with modern massage therapy techniques, thus the Stone Walker will personally never require a set fee or "price"  for the ceremony portion of treatment since traditionally it is understood that ceremony may not be "charged", "billed" nor or "paid" for as in other modern massage therapies or wellness treatments provided by state licensed personnel. 

These ancient  ways  that come through generations of practitioners who passed along this craft, were considered as priceless as a sunrise, a gift from Creator, and from this Source it is understood this gift passes and is offered willingly and freely through the hands of the "hollow bone" - Inyan Pejuta Winyan.

In the past when there was no formal "currency", those who were to receive treatment brought blankets, beadwork, clothing, medicine herbs, or food to gift to the Inyan Pejuta Winyan to show deep appreciation for these ancient ways and give support  in order to help sustain her life walk in this practice
The "good trade" is made knowing that one cannot "pay" the ancestors who brought this knowledge forward, nor reimburse the natural gifts of healing inherent in each living being, nor  adequately reimburse the practioner her many hours of training, her lifetime spent in learning to "listen" to the stones, nor the stones themselves.  The gift thus given the Stone Walker from the recipient of the treatment is then always in harmony with what one can afford to give in showing appreciation and value by today's standards for this unique work.  In this way the gifts shared represents a "good trade" in  acknowledging a practical understanding that a Stone Walker living in the modern world has need of living quarters, travel expenses, utilities, clothing, personal supplies, and food to sustain herself that must be paid for in modern currencies.

 Thus in gifting the Inyan Pejuta Winyan it is understood as given as a show of genuine respect and appreciation for the bringing of this ancient treatment forward and to help insure the Stone Walker can continue in her practice to benefit yet others.

This is an acceptable and practical application of the traditional ways of  the good trade.   

The "o" in Stonewalker is replaced by the number 8 to honor and recognize the 8th ceremony -
a way of walking the "good Red Road" in Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Peace,
and to signify the circle/spiral energies resident in
this authentic St8newalkers' life walk and work with
Stone Nation.
"Behold the way I am walking.  In a sacred manner I walk."

Therefore, as
has been practiced for centuries in ceremony, traditional "aromatherapy" is employed to cleanse the air and intent, setting a positive mood for therapy (primarily sage, sweetgrass or cedar is used). 

Using the highest quality Jojoba oil for easy glide and skin adsorption, warm smooth stones (heated in fresh indigenous waters) are selected, then cool gem and mineral stones are applied in the most sublime and effective way for the stones to "dance" and share their wellness properties with you.

A web page outlining "spa etiquette" is provided so that you can
feel perfectly at ease during your visit. 

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